What skills to I need for this project...?

I would like to be able to create a static web page that would let the user construct a url based on form input and then upon submission take you there. I have done the unit on creating forms, but I don’t know what I need to learn next that would take the form submissions and turn it into the url and go to that page.

I’m trying to motivate myself by having an actual project to create.

Any suggestions on what to learn next to help me do this?

Keep following the curriculum, and put that on the back burner. You need back-end control to make form submission happen. Those sections presume the knowledge you will have gained earlier. A shortcut to a functional mimic of what you want is to be able to poll those html elements and do some processing on them. For that, you’ll need Javascript at least, but probably have gone through one of the front-end frameworks, too.

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To clarify, I don’t want to actually submit the form, just build a url then be able to go there. I thought it might need javascript.


Something like that? jQuery or pure JS. You could modify url variable to prepend an actual url and then say user was trying to lookup a ticket number it would send them to the url + ticket #.

var url = 'https://supportcenter.oi/tickets?=' + $("#text").val();
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Oh cool. That’s exactly what I am after. Now I need to go back and learn how it works. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!