What to learn in js to become a front-end developer

hello, good, right now I have a doubt about what to study in js.
I’m self-taught to be a front-end developer, I’m with the most basic right now (html, css and js) I’m already able to create some functional pages (quite ugly) but they work.
My doubt is that I don’t know what to study more in js to get a better base (I know DOM and small algorithms).
I want to get a solid foundation in js and css before I start learning framework and library.
I have been looking at animation from js but I have not found a “basic guide to animate from js”
only finished projects that explain how to do x thing.
I’m pladeandome wrong how I’m learning things? and should I learn to use library and frameworks now?
or what should I study for in js?.
I showed my code to a senior and he told me that my problem is that I am not taking advantage of the potential of js and I am only doing things that can be done in any programming language (although he did not tell me what to study to change this😅)
any recommendation that I could study in js?

any recommendation or point of view is welcome, right now I’m a bit blocked

(I don’t know if I can put my gifhub account, I hope so, but I’ll leave it here in case someone wants to take a look to my code)

If you go through the freeCodeCamp curriculum that would give you the basics to be a web developer

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There’s no harm in learning libraries/frameworks alongside javascript, learning javascript on its own (e.g. algorithms) can make it fairly abstract as you’re not seeing how it’s practically used in web development,

That being said you can learn javascript first and then the libraries/frameworks after… that’s how the curriculum is structured so just follow that if you prefer

With regards animation you will be using libraries/frameworks for that in javascript, or keyframes and transitions in css

You only have one repo so I’m assuming you’re at the very start of the journey… just keep learning stuff and moving forward it will all come together in time

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