What web developers can earn at home

I am a web developer and how to make money at home. Please give me suggestions or ideas or suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Solve a problem that saves people time and provides value, you’ll make great money :grinning:


I’d say there are three ways:

  • Freelancing - work for others doing contract work

    • most risky as your your own “boss” and business, but provides the most freedom
  • Build a service - build something people will use and make money either thru ads, or by providing a service.

    • this is also as risky as freelancing, but requires a different focus as your “clients” will be end user’s.
  • Working Remotely - work as a developer for a company, just remotely (this has become more common due to the pandemic)

    • this is the least risky, but requires the most upfront work of finding and getting the job.

There is also the “side project” route, where you can take any of the above, and mix in either freelancing or building a product on the side in your free time. This takes up more of your free time but could be another source of income if you know what your doing.

Good luck!