Are There Any Ways Of Making Money Independently With Web Dev Skills

Hi everyone!
I’m a 20 year old from India. I’ve decided that I want to work entirely for myself, A 9-5 or even freelancing is not what I want.
So are there any other ways I can make money online using WebDev skills? There should surely be some way right, as I see that web development is lucrative everywhere on the net. Even an income of $500 a month is enough for me now but I want to eventually do something that scales and has no income ceiling.
Any help?


Hi @kidblack, welcome back to the forums, hope you find what your looking for! :smiley:

So beyond having a “9-5” job, and freelancing, there really is generally only 1 option left.

Build a service that makes you money. This could be:

  • A site/service that people pay to use, in some way or form. Example: Spotify, Dropbox, Etsy.
  • A site/service that makes money off ads, or sponsorships, IE most websites where you see a bunch of annoying ads, or youtube videos where in the video they sponsor an ad.

Both are generally somewhat risky if you want to live off of it, as you have to front all costs related to its development, you are your own boss and you need to continue to maintain it. This is different than freelancing as you will usually get paid upfront, and could hand off your work at the end to move on.

Reaching 500$ a month can also be difficult to reach depending on how you monetize your work. For example, 500$ is nothing to a large enterprise if your building and selling enterprise software, but you can’t charge 500$ for a mobile app, or seek to make 500$ on ad revenue alone without millions of users going to your site/service.

The idea of “only working for yourself” only goes so far, as at some point someone has to buy what your doing, and direct customers end up being “your boss”.

Even if you build a successful service that makes you money, you have to keep maintaining it and listening to users, otherwise they could leave your service for an alternative.

Regardless of what you choose to do, good luck!


One way or another, you’re always working for someone.

There are two ways to make money: either help someone else make money or provide a product that makes people want to give you their money. Since you don’t want a boss, you’re stuck with the second.

So, what are you going to build that people want to give you money for? That is a hard business because there are a lot of people out there trying to do the same thing, sometimes teams of experienced people. But maybe you’ll get lucky. I have a friend that thought of a way to make it easier for certain business people to monitor certain properties and turned that into a little business. I knew another guy that builds those silly little mobile games that people like - he made some decent income from that.

It’s possible, but difficult. And I might suggest getting some experience first.