How To Money Online Off Coding?

I’m looking to make $500 or more a month off coding online. I can only work upto 20 hrs a week as of now and don’t want to freelance or work for a company.

  1. So, does anybody have some ideas/different ways on how to make money off coding without investing a lot of money?
  2. Are coding contests good for this? If so, how do coding contests work and can I successfully make some money off them?

I do like programming and I know I have a long way to go before making money, but I just wanted to know if I can make my desired amount or more off this before I pursue it.

Everything that was said in this thread that you created is still accurate

Or this one


I get it, you’re looking for a passive income where you don’t have to talk to people, you just do {thing} for a small amount of time/week, maybe just spend some time setting {thing} up then just basically do some admin to keep it up to date. And then some income rolls in. And you can do that via knowing how to program if you can find something that people want that can be implemented by programming. There isn’t some magic trick to this:

Are you by any chance going through a list you’ve found on Google? This is the first one that came up for me when I Googled “coding contests for money”, is it that one or one very much like it?

If that’s the case, do you understand that the people generating these blogs are doing it so that they get passive income from visitors clicking on the links in the posts? They are just adverts for the links, they’re written in such a way as to encourage you to click the link so that the owner can make money, they’re just garbage.

If you find lots of people writing about an easy method of making passive income, then you can be almost 100% certain that way to make easy money has gone, and that the person writing the thing you are reading is trying to make money from the thing you are reading.

Are coding contests good for this?

I mean, my immediate reaction would be no, be realistic, there’s not a chance in hell that is something that’ll make you any money. Maybe I’m missing something here and there’s some huge underground community where coding is a sport :man_shrugging:t3:. University-student-focused team competitions do often have cash prizes, but it’s not as if they’re a widespread thing at all, in any way. The few that I can find that exist (in the world) seem to be recruitment tools for big companies (Google being the primary example).


Supply and Demand Law.
Build a service that in exchange need to be repaid.
You speak about coding, but you have to be very much more specific. What service or product are you offering in exchange of financial gains? What area of coding?, what sector? and so on.
I know is a passive income, but if you do not realize how the economic system works, you will continue asking the same without an answer for a time.
In any case, you will need some specific knowledge and skill, and also put your workforce in it. There is no simple ‘magical idea’ in this. If there is, please let me know.

Supply and Demand, if the prize is very good, the probability of win is small.
If the chances are great, the prize is probably not so good.

I give testimony of this experience. In my case, the Kaggle competition prizes are very nice, but the probabilities of winning them are very unrealistic.
I think the same dynamics apply to development competitions.