I want to become a solopreneur

As you guys can see, I’ve been wasting time without focusing on learning any skill and jumping around. That’s because I hardly have interest in anything all the time.

I’ve decided that I want to be a solopreneur as I don’t want to have any interaction with people other than text. Since my various issues mean I can only spend upto 3 hours a day on screens, I’m thinking about learning coding (web dev skills specifically) on a screen, and then reading physical books to learn about business, marketing, getting ideas for starting a business, anything that help me in solopreneurship. I’m thinking of developing things like gmail/chrome/browser extensions, WP Themes/Plugins etc where I can make passive income for the most part.
My questions are:

  1. What coding-related business would be ideal for me, if it’s not one I mentioned
    here and
  2. What topics and physical books would you recommend for a complete newbie like me just starting out?

you have been asking this question for a while,
if you put these 2/3 hours per day since 2019 in learning to code, learning to advertise yourself and manage your business, you should be ready to start some simple freelancing projects at this point, or a SaaS app

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Have you considered any of the advice from the last 4 times you asked this question?

You can’t get a reasonable coding job with only 3 hours of screen time a day. It still just doesn’t exist.

Hey! You don’t have to agree with someone else is saying but making rude comments? not cool.

Coding is a fundamentally communicative enterprise. Good communication of specifications, getting client feedback, and creating interfaces are all exercises which, while possible with text only, are better with face-to-face communication. Additionally, this type of work and communication require strong empathy with other people. You need to be able to understand not just what people are saying but how they feel about it.

As others have noted here, 3 hours a day on screens is not enough to be a programmer. It’s hardly enough to learn to program. If you add on that the burden of communicating only by text, which is fundamentally harder than face-to-face, I don’t see how you could be in any business for literally anything.

Finally, I find the term “solopreneur” and the ideas behind it to be somewhat distasteful. It reeks of these sort of delusional self-help gurus who promise you can “just work X hours a day and make 6 figures, have a mansion and a hot girlfriend” if you “just have a positive mindset”. These sorts of claims are detached from reality and tend to prey on the desperate.


Has anything significant changed about your knowledge, goals, or experience since asking these questions? There is still not a well known method of earning money with low-level programming skills that you can do without a boss, clients, human communication, or spending time on the computer.

There exists gig work that you can do without having to talk to people, such as transcription jobs and data entry, where you can work from home on your own schedule, but the pay will be based on output and these are not programming jobs.


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