What's the best way to learn Python from beginner to advanced?

I have no knowledge of Python and no prior experience with CompSci or programming. I don’t have a specific goal in mind other than maybe something data related since I work as an office admin. I’m trying to find a structured curriculum by browsing Reddit or FCC forum, but can’t seem to find anything. What should I do to go from beginner to advanced in Python? Would it make sense to do all the FCC certs from beginning to end if I just wanted to focus on one language?

Don’t worry about finding a perfect path. Just start learning.

Thanks for your help. Anything you recommend to start with?

If you want to learn Python, start with a beginner Python course (FCC offers some basic stuff in its curriculum). If you feel a little wobbly (very normal), maybe find another one. Then look for an intermediate course. Keep building things and seeking out more information.

There is no “golden path”. You can look online, I’m sure someone has posted their version of one. There may even be a comprehensive course out there. But really, just start learning. That is the most important thing.

There’s codewars where you can try the exercises and get rankings. After you’ve completed something, you can see how other people completed the challenges. It may give you some direction. Just remember, there are at least a few commands that seem like alchemy/druid/voodoo weirdness.

If you’d like to start learning Python i recommend Firmbee’s e-book: Python from Beginner to Advanced.
There are over 60 pages of practical Python knowledge followed by ready to implement examples. You’ll not only get to discover the most important Python topics, but with each lesson, you’ll learn tangible coding solutions ready to implement in real life.
If you’d like to check it, contact me :slight_smile:

@huhjunn I suggest you go through a simple tutorial so you can get the basics down like lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, if statements, for loops, while loops, functions. Practicing just a little bit every day is better than learning all day Saturday and Sunday. Then build several simple projects using what you have learned.

Then read a book that goes into depth to learn about more advanced topics like how to structure your programs better like creating several small functions instead of one large function that does everything. Learn about connecting to databases (C.R.U.D), Python classes, recursive function, yield, lambda functions, and creating tests. Then you take that knowledge and build your own projects using what you learned.

Then learn algorithms, data structures, and design patterns. Use what you learned to build your own projects.

I’m almost done with python on the app MIMO - it’s great for basic knowledge… on Udemy there are also many courses that are great to learn from the very beginning

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