When do i getmy first certificate?

hey, i did the course for responsive web design and was wondering when i get the certificate. Is there someone checking your projects first? i gotta admit, i finished 4 out of the 5 projects and wanted to put some more effort into the personal portfolio, but couldn’t wait to finish it before already linking it and marking the exercise as done.

I know i obviously gotta do the work to get the certificate, but i was just curious to see it beforehand, and since it said i had the 100% then i was wondering if there is someone or something checking my work.

You have to follow the last part and submit the codepen.
No one checks your work it a code checks over if all requirments are in it.

thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
so once i finished the last project and linked it, assuming i get 100% on all tests i get the certificate right away?

If it passed and you have every thing onto the green checkmark then yes.

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no, you need to claim the certificate in your settings