When freelancing, when is the clear signal that your client really does not want to build a website

I have been learning on this site for a while, I am confident that I can build a site that works for small local business.

I get it that not everyone wants to build a website for their business, and sometimes obviously you are getting rejected.

The thing I wonder is that when should I just persevere and keep pushing, when should I back off?
And how do I know the exact reason they rejected me? Can I ask them?

Also when it comes to pricing, I realized that for some people, cheaper is not better.
If you price your product fairly cheap, people will assume it was easily done/badly made.
Am I right about this?

I’m confused. Are you approaching businesses and trying to convince them to hire you to build their websites? If so, leave them alone as soon as they say “no”. It doesn’t matter why.

I see… thanks! (20 characters