When Should I Learn Flux and Redux?


I’ve already done first three React projects. And I wonder if I should use Flux(Redux) to do next React assignments or I can build them without that knowledge?

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Flux and redux are similar but different things. I’d recommend learning redux first as it seems easier to learn(for me at least). But yeah, you should learn one of them as soon as possible. They are very important to using react.

Would you suggest doing the “Build the Game of Life” assignment with Redux?

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Interesting question. I can’t really answer it, since I haven’t done that assignment yet.

However, just by looking at the project sample, it looks like there are 3 “states.” An inactive(black), light, and dark state. So, I think you probably will need redux/flux for this project.

Just to reiterate, I haven’t done this project and I don’t understand how it works lol.

Anyways, thanks for your opinion. I’m gonna give Redux a shot )

IIRC Flux is just a design philosophy. Redux is a way to enforce it. Then there’s the fact that you can do React without doing it the Flux way, but it’s probably better to do it since Facebook recommends it. So learning Redux is learning Flux and learning to implement it.

I think you should learn redux now that you have built a few small things in React and know how to pass props around. The last two projects will be much easier with redux I think. I was passing some things between components and keeping some data in redux, but my workflow is much easier now that almost anything I am moving between components is done through redux.

Redux does take a while to learn well so be patient :slight_smile: