Is it Right time to learn redux?

I have one project left for React.Till now I have made all react projects without using Redux.
Now I am in a dilemma that whether I should learn redux and use it in my last React project i.e. “Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game”, or I should try to make in React only. The problem with me is Time. Since I left my IT job before 10 months after doing it only for 8 months.After being lost for 4-5 months then I started learning web development from FreecodeCamp.It has been 5 months .I want job as soon as possible so I need to complete the FCC curriculum as soon as possible and learn most important things first.
So what you all think??

I’d suggest you to learn redux as soon as you have time for it however the roguelike challenge is one that you won’t benefit much from when using redux. In the simple case it only has four “actions” (up, down, left, right) which all do almost the same. I’d suggest to just get right to it with what you already know.


Thanks for the suggestion!