When to look for work?

Hello, i’ve joined codecamp a few days ago, currently i’m wrapping my first certification, but even though most of the content i already knew about, i don’t feel comfortable sending applications yet. I’ve worked for a year as a fullstack JavaEE(java 6, legacy) developer, and i quit college in the last year(3 years of college), but i don’t feel like i’d hire myself at all. Unless i was hiring someone to read books and solve some simple algorithms.

When did you people feel like you should send applications, when did you feel you were qualified enough? I feel like i should at least do a big project before sending an application.


I think you are wrong, as i can see, you are not totally new to this. If you have basic knowledge i think you can apply for junior positions. You will learn a lot in a team and nobody expects too much from a junior but is a BIG step for you to accomplish a lot of knowledge!


That’s not much of an option for me. I live in Brazil and people don’t usually hire juniors for remote work. I’ll keep an eye out though.

You can build a portfolio with different projects that you build or you participate to it. This is the fastest way to show them how much you know. I don’t know how is in Brasil in this branch but I never read anything about “companies don’t look for juniors”. Good luck !

Oh, locally they do hire, but i’m trying to find remote work. Local companies tend to not only pay poorly, but my experience is that it’s a very opressive enviroment, i quit my last job because of that. Also i spent 3 to 4 hours commuting everyday, i’d be really unhappy going back to that.

Thanks for your input!

For remote work could be a bit harder to find because you will need to attend interviews depending where you want to find jobs which could be expensive to travel for them and not get the job. Good luck with that and keep us on the line if you find something.

But they do skype interviews, right?

yep but it’s unlikely to give you the job only after the skype interview. Usually they will call you for an face2face interview if you pass the skype one.

Well, that’s disheartening.

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Check out this site for international remote positions


this is a great question because i have this same question. I’ve been learning since January I recently found out about FCC and I started do it I wasn’t stuck until the algorithms section. But I would like to apply for job do you think i have to finished the first of projects before I apply? because a lot of job descriptions ask for your profile? I live in the New York area.

If you want to work, then apply for jobs. You will never feel ready, or at least by the time you do it will be way past the point where you would have been hired.
Leave it up to the employer/HR people to decide if you are ready.
The best time to apply for work is when you want to work. On occasion I have worked for other people and it is always the “chicken or the egg” scenario. Everyone wants to hire people with experience, but to get experience you need to get hired. Just apply for the job at a junior level, don’t misrepresent yourself and always give it your all. I have been hired with no practical experience, into jobs that said they were looking for a minimum of 3 years. Smart employers know that you “can teach skills but you can’t teach attitude and work ethic.” Have the right attitude and work ethic and you will put the “odd forever in your favour.” I can guarantee one thing. If you don’t apply for the job, you won’t get it. Believe in yourself, you can do this.


Thanks a LOT for your input. I’ve applied for a few jobs in the few days but i felt a bit wrong, like i was wasting the HR’s time since they asked for years of experience when i have none.

I’ll keep on sending applications while i work through FCC’s curriculum. Thanks a LOT!


Don’t quit college. Finish it!