Where are the Courses in this Site?

Hi, i’m trying to find courses and lesson on this site but im having difficulty locating classes? Help please? Thank you.


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Have you looked at the map yet?

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There aren’t any actual classes really. There are coding challenges, algorithms, and projects to complete. Definitely try out the challenges, but you will undoubtedly want to take classes, read books, tutorials, etc. from elsewhere.

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Hi, there aren’t any courses FCC only learning thru code challenges. Udemy is having their $10 special.
if you haven’t bought anything from udemy and visit their site it will show as $15, if you’re interested in getting a course “buy” any free course and you will get an email for the $10 special

Ok, I see i understand now

Also, while Udemy has some great courses, since this is a “Free Code Camp”, I would like to point out some free resources:

Web development with Computer Science (links to resources)
Get job ready with FCC (links to resources)

Also, welcome to Free Code Camp! If you are coming short on extra resources, search the forums or ask - we can help you all the way!

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Thanks…i’m definitely going to utilize these resources!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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This is actually the FORUM of FreeCodeCamp. There is a very in-depth course on the actual freecodecamp.com website, so I suggest you go there. They may be “challenges,” but that is exactly what a course is- a bunch of challenges that get harder and harder until you reach your goal.

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I actually do know that this is the forum and not the actual site. (If you don’t believe me, you can check my profile and you will see that I have completed half of the curriculum already, I am a forum moderator with over 500 posts, and very active on all parts of Free Code Camp, including the main site, forums, GitHub, Skype, cohorts, and occasionally Gitter).

I would have to disagree with that. :slight_smile:
Here is my opinion why Free Code Camp is not a “course”. And why a “course” is not just a bunch of challenges.

When I think of a course I think of something more than “a bunch of challenges that get harder and harder until you reach your goal.” A good programming course guides you how to code with more than just challenges. It teaches you programming theory. A good course should explain concepts in detail, give programming fundamentals, and teach you how things work. FCC is more about you teaching yourself to code through a set of challenges along a map, and this is why I do not like to call it a programming course. FCC teaches practical programming. Show me a place on FCC where it explains what HTML and CSS are, and why you need to use them. Show me a place where it explains what exactly a website is and web development/programming in general. What HTTP is. The basics of programming. Challenges can teach you some things, and show what you know, but it is not a structured “programming course”. Especially when you get past the front-end part, you will see that you will need an actual course to help you learn Node, React, etc. A lot of people struggle when they try to just use Free Code Camp, because they have learned practical programming with FCC and can pass a challenge, but they do not know programming theory - they could not explain how a website works, or create one outside of codepen, etc. I guess FCC is “technically” a course because it teaches things in progression, but you need additional material that actually helps you understand programming not just show that you can copy-paste some challenge code. IMHO that is neither complete teaching nor a good programming course.

That said, I believe Free Code Camp does teach you things, and does it a lot better than any structured course, but in a totally different way. FCC gives you a path, helps you build your portfolio and get a job, gives you challenges and projects to complete yourself, and connects you with people. You will learn practical programming on FCC. You should take a real “programming course” elsewhere to learn more programming theory.

Here is a good thread:

There are a lot of good posts, but this pretty much sums it up:

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Oh, I can certainly see your point. I guess I’m so for it because none of my college courses have gone as in-depth. Also, I agree that it takes more than one source to master the material. It takes an individual drive to “dive in.” Books, podcasts, articles, practice, practice, practice, and whatever else you get caught on. But you already seem to get this.

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Totally agree!

But I assume your college classes have given you more programming theory, math, etc… that FCC hasn’t?

In a very disjointed way, yes, there are lectures specifically on those subjects. :slight_smile: Putting it into practice is another story though… In any first-level class, for example, the curriculum doesn’t even cover “Hello World” until halfway through the semester! It’s quite sad.

My choice is to do both school and FCC (along with books and whatnot) so all my bases are covered and I’m satisfied.