Where Can a Foreigner Learn Software Development in India

Hello there,

I am from Africa and I wish to travel to a country like India for a software development training program for one year.

Do you know any training organization that does that?


In India, usually students go for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT which is a four year course.

For those who can’t get into it, another alternative to that is to first take up a course in Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science ( a three year course) or BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications) and then take up a MCA (Masters of Computer Applications - another 3 year course), totaling a course of 6 years. These 6 years is treated equivalent to the massive 4 year Bachelors in Computer Science/ IT degree. But even with just BSC or BCA, people can get jobs in IT/ Computer Science.

But if you are planning to do it all in one year, I would suggest a shorter course from an institute mentioned below or an online bootcamp.

NIIT : PGP in Full Stack Product Engineering |APP development courses online | online software engineering course| NIIT

APTECH : Best IT Training Institute in India | IT Certification Courses | Aptech Learning

Karrox : KarROX - Home | Facebook

Online bootcamp:

Also go through this article:
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Other Indian free resources for IT training would be:

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