Asking for career advice (India)

Dear freeCodeCamp,

I am 34 years old with commerce background. In other words with no programming experience.

Please help me to choose right path for career in IT.

I have good in math and analytical works.


In which field are you interested? The IT Sector is very vast.

I can’t decide which field is right for me. Mostly I interested to get a new job. But I think web development is right for me.

I request you to please guide me what should I do ?

You can start with this course.

Is this course help me get job ? Not a decent job but entry level. As I am afraid for age barrier.

At age of 35 years how can I get job ?

Not sure if this will get you a job. But yeah, you’ll definitely learn a lot.

Every country is different. I was 10 years older than you, but I did that course, worked hard learning and building for another year, and got a job. But different countries may have different attitudes about age and education.

I agree that web dev is probably the least difficult to get a start without an actual degree.

Ok. Thank you for your support. You help me a lot.

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Are you from CS background ?

I had a tiny bit of programming experience and a few classes, but decades before and almost entirely irrelevant. I’d spent the last few decades as a professional musician and had a degree in music.

Ok. Thank you sir. You inspire me to start a new life at this age.

Which is right path for non CS background ? Node.js or Django? As in searching on websites all have different opinions.

Both path are right. If you’re interested in python you can go with Django else you can go with Node.

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If you’re learning with FCC, we teach Node/Express/Mongo, but the Python route is valid too, as are other backend combinations, in which case you would skip the Node/backend FCC materials.

I am 28 and I am enrolled for a boot camp for full stack developer . There are many free resources available to learn programming still I have paid for boot camp just for placement assistance.

There are various types of jobs available in IT check out

Don’t worry about age, if you’ve right skills then anyone is ready to hire you if not in India outside world is quite flexible ( here in India we’ve age barrier in lots of fields )

If you wish to pursue web developer role then follow below path

  1. Learn HTML and CSS
  2. Build projects from frontend mentor
  3. Learn JS
  4. Repeat step 2
  5. Learn React
  6. Build good portfolio projects to showcase to potential employer

This is difficult journey which may take 6 - 24 months, so it needs loads of hard work, consistency and dedication.

All the very best with your new career path


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