Asking for career advice (India)

Dear freeCodeCamp,

I am 34 years old with commerce background. In other words with no programming experience.

Please help me to choose right path for career in IT.

I have good in math and analytical works.


In which field are you interested? The IT Sector is very vast.

I can’t decide which field is right for me. Mostly I interested to get a new job. But I think web development is right for me.

I request you to please guide me what should I do ?

You can start with this course.

Is this course help me get job ? Not a decent job but entry level. As I am afraid for age barrier.

At age of 35 years how can I get job ?

Not sure if this will get you a job. But yeah, you’ll definitely learn a lot.

Every country is different. I was 10 years older than you, but I did that course, worked hard learning and building for another year, and got a job. But different countries may have different attitudes about age and education.

I agree that web dev is probably the least difficult to get a start without an actual degree.

Ok. Thank you for your support. You help me a lot.

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Are you from CS background ?

I had a tiny bit of programming experience and a few classes, but decades before and almost entirely irrelevant. I’d spent the last few decades as a professional musician and had a degree in music.

Ok. Thank you sir. You inspire me to start a new life at this age.

Which is right path for non CS background ? Node.js or Django? As in searching on websites all have different opinions.

Both path are right. If you’re interested in python you can go with Django else you can go with Node.

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If you’re learning with FCC, we teach Node/Express/Mongo, but the Python route is valid too, as are other backend combinations, in which case you would skip the Node/backend FCC materials.

I am 28 and I am enrolled for a boot camp for full stack developer . There are many free resources available to learn programming still I have paid for boot camp just for placement assistance.