Where can i find open source projects to contribute to? As a beginner

Ive been coding for a while, javascript for a few months. Id like to find some opens source repos to contribute to so i can expand my knowledge. I have the logic but i lack the design patterns i guess and the advanced Js skills and I believe contributing would benefit me alot

Free Code Camp is an open source project hosted on GitHub and you can contribute to it by searching the list of open issues that are labelled with “Help Wanted”.

You can also search GitHub for repositories for other projects that interest you and look up their documentation to se how to contribute to them.

FCC has contribution guidelines which you read thoroughly first if you do plan to contribute.

During last semester my teacher showed us a link to a website that had numerous open source projects that anyone can help with. I’ve been googling for a while and can’t find that website, could someone post that link or one like it?

here are some


Also, I’d like to add: start simple. Fix typos, for example. And knowing git will be pretty important. And for whatever project you decide to contribute to, check if they have a contributor guide.