Where do i submit my tribute page?

hi im getting a bit confused here, i have done my tribute page and passed all the test as well, but i dont know what to do next because there is no solutions page to submit my codepen URL here.
Could you please help me?
here is my tribute page URL: https://codepen.io/huasxa/pen/abqqeax

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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If you are doing the new curriculum you have to write your code directly into the editor rather than link to codepen. However, you can copy and past your code from codepen into the editor.

But watch out for the fact that codepen does some things for you automatically like !DOCTYPE declarations and stylesheet links. You will have to type this in manually as the FCC editor expects you to do this yourself.

Also I have noticed you’ve made and deleted the same topic twice. If this is an accident that is okay. But if this is to try to get people to see it by putting it to the top of the forum repeatedly I would discourage that.

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hi thank you so much for replying, i really appreciate it.
and i did not do that on purpose but thank you.

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No problem, glad I could help!

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