Where else can i learn other programming languages

So i was looking at the FCC curriculum and i realized that there isn’t any other programming languages such as Java , python etc .

does anyone know where i could find a websites that offers those languages for free ??

Codecademy offers a variety of languages. The curriculum is free, but quizzes and projects are paid. Sololearn is good too. Also, freecodecamp has youtube videos for many languages.
FYI: I would personally learn C# over Java, not that I know much about either.

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Okay sweet

thanks :+1:

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here are some sites: lynda.com, codementor, codecademy, coursera.org. You can also learn from online tutorials, videos.

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It makes more sense to learn C# in 2018, rather than C++, which is dated and has less applicability to web development.

Although C# can be considered a cross-platform language, it’s especially worth learning for anyone looking to get into the Microsoft stack and owns a Windows computer. Java is more agnostic across operating systems.


Does codementor require monthly payment to get the courses?

udacity and codecademy has some courses


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I would suggest udemy when they have sales. You can usually get courses for $10 when they have these sales. I have bought several courses myself, and look to buy another pretty soon. Udemy gives you like a personal instructor who will talk you through the code, and have several code along projects so you understand. If I go this route though I do suggest really looking at the course reviews before you buy. Unfortunately some instructors are not the best in the way they present the material.

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If you feel comfortable programming in Javascript and want to move into other languages, I would look at where you want be. Every language has its advantages, but a lot of it depends on what you want to be doing.

Python: Great overall language that is used by a wide number of fields. There are a lot of resources available for learning Python and specialties (Data Science etcetera).
C#: My personal favorite language, but you will be limiting yourself to working in shops that use C#. It is becoming widely used in game development because of Unity, but it also being adopted by other studios.
C or C++: If you want to learn more about how programming languages and memory management works, learn C. I would actually recommend that everyone take a basic C++ course that includes pointers and memory. It all depends on what you want to do in the software development. For a front end designer, it’s waste of time.

Look at where you want to be and look at what they are using. If you want to pursue a complete CS education, check out this: https://github.com/ossu/computer-science

edx.org is a great resource. This site offers college courses from renowned schools. For instance , I an currently enrolled in course for pyton. Edx is free to participate and you have the choice of paying for a certificate at the end. EDx.org is free.

I also use udemy and they do have good sales. But you can also filter your search for free courses, and there are some gems to find.

I have 79 courses in udemy all about programming/web dev and a few SEO courses, and I am pretty sure I have only bought 1 or 2 of those.