Useful websites to learn programming

Hi, I am listing some of the websites that I have found useful while learning programming:

5) (project tutorials)
6) (for API)
8) will get the hang of it)

Youtube channels-
3)Coding train

I’ll update the list with more Youtube channels, websites and who you should follow on Twitter/Github.
You can DM me if you want to know more.


Team Treehouse :slight_smile:


You can get a free pluralsight account with a free microsoft visual dev essentials account. On pluralsight they have course paths consisting of multiple courses split up by beginner, intermediate, and expert. Some courses are not so good though but some are amazing. They have paths for HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Node.jS, React, AngularJS, C#, ASP.NET MVC 5, C++, Android, Java, and Python

Youtube Channels

FreeCodeCamp (freecodecamp’s youtube channel has some good videos)
The Coding Train
Derek Banas
The Net Ninja (very good node course) ( C and C++) (really good react/redux beginner tutorials)


All have free classes.-- some also paid.

Lynda (now owned by LinkedIN)

It is worth noting that, at least for websites and YouTube channels, this has been done in the 2017 New Coder Survey and @QuincyLarson has already written about on medium—it’ll likely be much faster if you extract what you need from there instead of surveying again (with a much smaller sample size).

The GitHub repository contains data that @erictleung has kindly cleaned up and useful data can be extracted from it very easily (I believe there is still a lot that can be done). Here is an example, part of the data has been visualised with D3 (yay for shameless self-promotion).

Twitter account may be an interesting one, not too sure about GitHub repositories because that depends on what programming flavour one fancies and the number of stars/forks kind of says it all if it’s about popularity.

1 Like is a good one. I like their format, super short video lessons!

I started mine with "Programming for Everybody(Getting started with Python"
After getting basics of programming i started learning c++ with
Also i felt best way to learn programming is solving problems. hackerrank really helped in that aspect.