What is the best website?

i want to learn programming but what is the best website to learn freeCodeCamp or udemy ,udacity ?? what is the best for them;

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Try them all and see what works best for you


They are all pretty good. Free Code Camp and Udacity have more detailed programmes and paths but if you have a path on your own then they are all pretty good. The important thing is that you are willing to learn and to put those hours at use!


@mkw2000 i try coursera and udemy , the importent is build project after learning @lorepieri yeah i try and i have problem with the fronted developpement , i want to be more creative .

I am enjoying the different approach by FCC where they show you a bit then throw you in the deep end.
I have finished Front End Part 1 and am into React.
WTF no tutorails. So its back to research and thinking for yourself.

Conclusion is you will need all the resources you can muster.

That all depends on you and how you learn. I learn best by trial and error. After I get past that stage, I wanna know the inner mechanism of why it works.

If you are talking about introductory courses. FCC has a nice curriculum, udemy also has nice feedback on it.