As a beginner i need suggestions

I dont know anything about coding and sutff. But i want to learn it because i find it very interesting and it is a job of future if you know what im saying… I need some websites where i can learn it from scratch or learn its basics. Here i learned some stuff but i still find it very hard. It can be a youtube channel or blog but it needs to teach me codings eaaaaasiiiiessttt stuff. Im open to everything. Just rememebr that i do not know anything about coding.

thanks in advance.

Youtube: Thenetninja, Traversy Media
Websites: freecodecamp, codeacademy, teamtreehouse
and if u wanna spend some money i suggest taking a web developer bootcamp on udemy website for around 10 bucks.
When i started it was hard but its a matter of practice and repetition and you will become used to it. Good Luck!

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I was taking a look at SoloLearn, it is more basic than fcc, maybe it can help you to start? I don’t know your learning style so I am taking a guess here

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Hello there :slight_smile: My recommendations:

  • The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele on Udemy,
  • Youtube: Joma Tech, Web Dev Simplified,
  • Smashing Magazine(everything design and frontend related),
  • JavaScript Teacher(on Medium),
  • Wes Bos - 30 Day JavaScript Challenge(little bit more advanced-for later)

Really hope it helps :slight_smile: Good luck!

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