Where is the new user guide for forum

I just stumbled across this in BADGES… I’m trying to find where the new user info is. I believe it will tell how to properly display code and use the forums cleanly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @XveganXedgeX. To write code, do as following:

Video credit: FCC Mods

Also, experiment with the tools at the top that is available when replying. You can see a live preview on the right side before posting.

Hope this helps.

you should have got a private message from the @discobot, and there you can follow two different tutorials

no message from @discobot. Have one from freecodecamp saying they upped my trust level, and another from a user I messaged.

I will call the discobot, you can send it a private message yourself to start the tutorial

@discobot display help

edit: mh… maybe something not working here