Where should I apply for jobs?

I have been applying for front end roles for the last few days mostly through LinkedIn and realised most of the jobs require at least a few years experience and some other skills with some experience such as react, angular, backend, etc. I am feeling a little discouraged because I can’t find many jobs that fit what I can do for them and that there are stories on here of self-taught developers lime myself getting jobs with similar skills to mine. What am I doing wrong? Should I be applying using a different website? Should I contact the hiring managers/interviewers directly?

Just keep applying wherever you find them. Don’t worry about meeting the requirements on their ad as things like “required experience” are frequently ignored.

Some people get a job with qualifications far lower than most real jobs require which gives people unrealistic expectations.

I suggest learning react since from what I have seen companies seem to want people who have used at least one front-end framework and react is pretty easy to learn. Pluralsight has a react path for example which has one of the best react redux / general dev courses I have found. You can get a free pluralsight account with a free microsoft visual dev essentials account.

There is also a freecodecamp react redux alpha thing. http://hysterical-amusement.surge.sh/

Some jobs also do not get many people applying for them so they start becoming more and more lenient with their requirements. So even if they mention years of experience they might no longer require that or just even more likely they just put that up to stop people from applying who have not learned much.

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