Where to practice async javascript concepts?

I have read async javascript concepts and watched several videos including Plurasight course by Kyle Simpson(I got it free access to plurasight for 3 months by signing up for visual studio). But still I don’t feel very confident when I have to implement it in some complex situation! Can anyone suggest some places where I can practice advanced javascript concepts including async?

A few of the front end projects are a good place to cut your teeth on async, either using AJAX, or just timers (Pomodoro & Simon Clone). If you want some extracurricular practice, try recreating my GitHub viewer. Don’t worry about the filter feature, just try to get the names to display. Search for users when you’re more comfortable. The GitHub users API is an easy way to practice GET and POST requests.

Hey thanks for reply! I am comfortable with simple ajax ,get and post request and all simple async callbacks,etc. When it involves something of complex nature then I start facing some trouble! Like today I was solving problem of learnyounode in which I had to make http.get() request to three url’s and then output the data in same order in which the request has been made.Finally I solved it with some help and understood it bur still I lack the confidence! I feel I need some specific practice on some advanced javascript concepts like these,

I’ve improved my async knowledge by reading various posts about it, but reading is my preferred learning style. Some of the posts I found most useful were actually comparisons between callback and promise patterns (Like this one).

Specifically relating to the challenge you cited, I remember taking some time to solve it and my solution was not nearly as elegant as the proposed solution.

I think in the end it takes practice and reading. I would recommend searching for a comparison of callback vs promise to see more examples of what callbacks look like in practice.

Hey thanks for your advice and the link! I think the best way is to just read and practice through the examples. Thanks!