Where to publish my work?

I got a home assignment for an interview, they want me to use Git for historical commits to show my progress and publish my completed work as ZIP, but they don’t want me to publish my solution in public services such as GitHub (They don’t want future candidates to look at the code I suppose). I’ve been using GitHub since the very beginning for this kind of stuff, and now I can’t use that. What are my options?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing that they just want you to email them your .zip file? Ask.

If that was the case, then why would they ask me to commit my progress? The only way I know how to do that is using GitHub… I also don’t feel like asking because I am not sure if the person who sent me the email is a recruiter and I fear that would make me look as a beginner (to a recruiter).

You don’t need a remote repository on GitHub in order to use Git for version control.

Yes, I have to send them the completed work via email, I can export the repo to a zip file but the problem is, how will they see the commit history? I am testing this myself with no luck so far.

I create a random folder just to test, git init and create a few files, then commit the changes. Then I export the folder to a zip file with the following command git archive --format zip --output zipfile.zip master

I send the zipfile to my email, download the zip file and decompress it, go to the terminal and type git log, it throws the following error: “your current branch ‘master’ does not have any commits yet”.

I can’t publish this on GitHub and they want me to send a zip file through email, and they also want to see the commit history, but how can I do this…

Following your link and doing some reading I believe I solved my issue. I went to my project repo and created a bundle as a zip format. In order to see the commit history and all the files, the bundle zip file must be placed in a new folder, git init that folder and git pull the bundle zip file. After doing this only then the person will be able to see all the files in that new folder and the commit history when they type git log in the terminal.

I am not sure if this is the right way to do this, but it works. I just hope I won’t be sending this to a recruiter because I doubt they will have any idea of how to deal with this.

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You can use Git without any Internet Access locally.

You do init, add and commit locally.
You do not set a remote url (and so not push and pull) to a Hoster like Github or Bitbucket.
Then you send the Folder to another Person or Device and log there to the console.

Git can be online, but does not have to be,

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Yeah I learned more about Git by doing this assignment. My issue was that they want to see the commit history, I had to find a way to do that and I did it with git bundle create file --all command. Now all they have to do is pull it and they will be able to see my work progress.

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