Where to save css stylesheet online? is it possible?

Hi all

Is it possible to save a css stylesheet online? If yes, what are the top places to save them.

i am writing codes on codepen.io. I received a comment that i should get into a habit using external css.

Looking forward to hear from all.

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Not sure what you’re asking but I’ll give it a try. External CSS usually means CSS outside of your HTML file. If I’m not mistaken, that’s already what’s happening when you use CodePen. You have a pane for HTML, another pane for CSS, and lastly a pane for JS.

if you want to try to build the whole page yourself instead of having the codepen template that does a lot of stuff in background, try repl.it, and there create a html+css+js repl (ignore the js file until you have started learning about that)
you will have to link explicity the css file to your html file there

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Thanks for the great info :metal: