Which ways can I use to store html and css online?

Hi! Now I’m working on the weather app, I want to use weather icons which display rain,mist etc. The icons are consisted of HTML and CSS, I want to set conditions like if it’s raining, there’ll be an icon which displays rain.

But I can’t figure out how to create a file, where I can store both HTML and CSS and then use a link of an online resource where HTML,CSS are stored. Or maybe there is a way to store the files in JS? I also tried using GitHub, but I don’t understand how to write CSS and HTML there.


Github is a good option, but it does have a learning curve. The good news is that, in addition to getting your weather app up on the internet, you’ll also learn how to use version control (which is extremely important).

Start with Github’s Bootcamp. Once you’ve gone through that, Treehouse has a good post on how to get your site up on Github.

Post a reply if you have more questions!

Basically, I use codepen for the project, I just want to store both HTML and CSS external resource, is it possible on GitHub, just HTML and CSS? And how to do that?

Yes, you can store HTML and CSS on Github using the method in that Treehouse article I shared. I’m curious about the use of Codepen in this case, though. What will you be using Codepen for if your HTML and CSS is hosted on Github?