How do I store a file online to access through code?

I have learned a little bit so far and have been experimenting with code and have wondered how do I store a file online so that any computer can access it. For now I have been using a word processing app and created two different files (1 html 1 css) and link them together with

<link type="text.css"` rel="stylesheet/css" href="./fileName.css>

so that the computer can find it in its storage but I want to create a website where any computer can access the CSS file without having the file downloaded.

P.S. I am 14 and I can forget attributes easily so the above code is most likely not correct

Well, it’s always going to have to download the files. The question is where to they reside. Normally they will reside on your remote site and the server will send the files to their browser so they can use the data in them.

What you have above makes perfect sense. Your html will look for filename.css in the same directory that your html file is in. For a small site that is a viable option. Often you will put it in a subfolder like styles or css and adjust the url accordingly.

@nkoite Are you asking where you can store a CSS file so it can be used by multiple different websites?

EDIT: If so, you can store the CSS file in a git repo on GitHub and link to raw GitHub files like this:

 <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="[GitHub Username]/[Repo Name]/[Branch]/[Path-to-File]/[Filename]">

You can (in a pinch) host files on dropbox too. But its more of a last resort type of option.