Where to start for dynamic web application projects?

guys i am stuck at those full stack websites. can anyone suggest where do i start from?
Thank you.

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Hello there.
There a lot of frameworks to make your application more fast and interactive.

Both are js frames but so powerfull.

How do i connect angular 2 with express?
I am trying to do this from a really long time but could not find any solution please help if you can…

Angular 2 is included on your index.html page via a script tag, like script src=“angular2.js”></script (not actual angular 2 javascript file name). You can use a package manager like Bower to download/install angular 2 in your project potentially to obtain this file or find an angular 2 file on the internet.

Express is on the backend and you include it by doing npm install express in your project and then using a require on your server side to include express like var express = require(‘express’);

I would go through a fullstack course like this free one. It uses Angular 1 not Angular 2:

I’m in the middle of the full-stack projects (finished the ‘stocks’ app at the weekend) and my recommendation is Meteor, using React. Meteor seems to be fairly mature, integrates pretty well with React and uses MongoDB - so fits pretty well with the rest of the FCC curriculum. Also avoids having to learn a different templating system (although you can use Angular or their own Blaze rather than React if you prefer).

Quite liked the idea of Next.js, but at present there isn’t an easy way (certainly if it’s the first time you’ve done it) to implement user accounts. Spent a week plugging away at this before deciding it was a step too far …

@domwakeling Nice, I am currently working on the Chart the Stock Market project. Fighting with Socket.io atm. :joy:

@s_coder @domwakeling I am able to create an angular 4 app and an express app seperately but can’t connect both of them together to make a nice web app. So if any article or course which teaches to connect these two apps.

Can you explain what you mean when you say you can’t connect angular 2 and express? Do you have any front-end to your express app?
The Intro to MongoDB using the MEAN Stack is a great course that teaches you about fullstack development. Did you look this over?


Let’s take the freecodecamp project as example. I have to authenticate user while logging him in. So i have to do this process via passport in express.

But the form is made in angular and for using some of the npm packages i have to use express also. These are some of my reasons to connect express and angular 2.

I know the process of making individual applications but just need to connect these both to make a bigger and better app.

You define API endpoints in the Routes on the back end, and these endpoints are used by the front end to send data to the back end.

In general, that is how you can communicate. Through API endpoints on your front end to the defined routes on the back end.

I found the tutorials on Thinkster helpful, but you have to pay to access the full content. For their Angular 2 course, they recommend going through the MEAN stack course first, which uses Angular 1. You can check out their content at thinkster.io.

I’ll check it out.

@s_coder Can you please show me your back end projects as a reference?