Where to Start in Coding

Hi all,

I’ve been an Engineer in the Telecom Industry for over 40 years but due to a recent accident I can’t walk now and would like to know where to begin. I have experience with Cisco, Nortel and Avaya but would like to get started in coding more precisely Penetration testing. Any guidance appreciated.

Thank you!

the courses on this site mainly deal with web developement but youtube has many courses that you can follow to get into pen testing.

Here is a tutorial by freecodecamp about pen testing. if youre willing there are also paid courses from places like udemy that you can get if you need something better.

I would look at articles like this one that lay out the different areas of knowledge that you need as a foundation and recommend resources. Some of the recommended resources will probably not be free, but they are usually fairly inexpensive.

I recommend any resource to get started, and one big step

  1. install a pen testing linux distro- like Kali Linux which will provide you tools to perform ethical hacking, as its used by professionals to perform pen testing.

Security is a pretty important field, and requires a number of skills. Luckily a lot of the most common tools are free, so getting started with those tools is always a good step, even if you totally feel out of your league at the start haha.

I think this is the wrong place to be asking this. First you have to ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want to learn? What is the endgame here, what is your end goal? What is it you are trying to accomplish? Then, once you have an idea of what you’re shooting for you can visit a place where the experts in that particular field congregate ( spoiler alert - FCC is not one of them :smiley: ) and ask them for some advice for your particular situation.

As far as YT tutorials and “know how” websites go - these are almost always very basic and should not be viewed as anything but entertainment, they want to reach the widest audience possible and professional and specialized knowledge is usually boring and is almost always outside of something that a beginner can grasp. And very few people possess that kind of expertise anyhow and they generally choose to spend their free time applying that expertise to make money.

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