Where to start with Game animation?

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I wrote a previous post on interest on my interest on 3d animation. But later after a few research i found Game animation interesting.

during my research i found video game animation is intriguing. not only i bring things to life but i can move them .

I wonder if there is a path where i can learn animation and at the same time learn game animation. I believe unreal engine is used for game animation.

I am still researching i hope to receive more advice’s from all.

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disclaimer: I am not in the game dev industry; that said I believe that the “standard” for animation is Blender, you should probably consider checking it out, it has the advantage of being free and open source :slight_smile:.

That said, I think that each game studio has its own approach and workflow, as well as internal tools; so I guess there’s no real “standard” when it comes to Game Development.

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Unreal is a 3D game engine, it’s used to build games. Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini (all 3D modelling software) are examples of what’s generally used to make 3D animation. For 3D Blender is free (and OS), Houdini is free for learning, and there are a ton of other softwares that are geared toward modelling/animation. 2D animation you can do with Photoshop or similar, it’s much easier. But there are a shedload of softwares specifically designed for 2D animation, just Google

And for animation, you start by learning animation – the fact that it’s for games doesn’t change how animation works. And for 3D animation, you apply those principles to 3D. But you still need to learn how animation works, it’s a specific skill. There are constraints specific to games, but all the principles are exactly the same, the software used is the same, the techniques are the same.


Thanks for the information. It will help me alot.


P.s sorry for the late reply. :robot:

Mastering any skill needs time. Yes, it is possible to learn animation and game development. You need to learn animation software, a game engine, and a programming language for this. However, it is not a good idea to learn more than one software at a time. My suggestion would be to master Blender/Maya for animation and Unity Engine with C#/JavaScript language.

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Thanks for the advice. It will help me a lot to choose with what to start first. :blush: