Q about CSS and JavaScript Animation ( I used to be a character animator)

Hi there

that’s my first post
I just started the curriculum here in FCC few weeks ago

I used to be a character animator from 2009 to 2012

and I’ve been seeing a lot of animated buttons,tables,menus,loading icons,… etc for the last few weeks
I was wondering if my animation skills can give me a + point in that field or i just will repeat stuff was already made before
i mean to focus in that part using my knowledge in animation for doing more of what i have seen in the web (maybe more animated buttons or tables …)with using animation principles and rules(timing,spacing,squash and stretch,overlap,…etc) it can be more pretty (i guess).

considering my level in English and my country (Cairo,Egypt) i don’t think i can land a job abroad as a beginner and the market here is not that good :triumph:

my best chances in freelancing

so if i give it more time can i sell ? and where ?

or just keep going with curriculum and don’t give it more time

my English not helping me here :blush: sorry{I’m working on it} so feel free to correct it :slight_smile:

thanks for your time.

Yes, I would say so: obviously your experience was a while ago, but if you can get those skills back up to working level…

There are specific areas where they would be very useful, if that’s what you specialised in. Advertising, games, media, kids media stuff, just for example. The work for all of those examples is dominated by agencies, which in turn lends itself very well to freelancers/contracters, who get hired for specific jobs. You need to get good, have a good portfolio, but it’s definitely a realistic thing to aim for.

thanks DanCouper for your replay
but i don’t get it
what do you mean with get those skills back up to working level…
do you mean back to the animation field it self or use that in programming and if so , how?

the fields you mentioned games, kids , media stuff that was my work put with 3d software like autodesk maya and autodesk 3d max and that’s a completely a different thing .

so how i can use those skills in programming ?