Path of Animation, where to start?

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during my time in studying HTML and CSS. I realized and i believe i have a keen interest on animation. Probably it was my childhood dream. Bringing drawings to life. Like the animated movies warcraft/anime and 2d/3d games.

I am wondering where should i start in this path. offcourse i wll continue in the path of front end web development. but i want to add animation in to my life and probably can use the skills in designing websites.

I found a school on various art courses but the price is :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There are many software to learn from. i am looking for a proper studying path similar to what freecodecamp Gods are providing.

Including animation i found Houdini FX interesting and videogame animation . I am new to all of this therefore maybe there are other magic that will spark my interest on.

I hope someone out there can advice me on where to start the journey.

Many thanks.

Looking forward to hear from you all.

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It will help if you start by YouTube for free. There are numerous channels devoted to the basics of animation. I will also recommend starting with the free online courses “Pixar in a Box.” Getting the core fundamentals of animation will enable you to animate any software.

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@Naheed thanks.

I believe this will help alot. Thanks very much for the info.

Looking forward to advice from other animators out there.


hi all

during my research i found video game animation is intriguing. not only i bring things to life but i can move them .

I wonder if there is a path where i can learn animation and at the same time learn game animation. I believe unreal engine is used for game animation.

I am still researching i hope to receive more advice’s from all.

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From a technical perspective, it depends. Different types of graphics engines are better for different purposes and rely on different languages (predominantly C++ and C# iirc). My understanding is that Unity and Blender are both fairly accessible to new users, but I don’t have personal experience.

Your best bet would probably be to search for free MOOCs related to digital animation. Most universities with a computer science degree will have at least one course on animation, so I would start looking at the schools that put videos for some of their classes online (like MIT and Stanford).

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There are many great options for creating 3D animations. The two I have considered are Maya and Blender. I have not thoroughly tested Maya yet but from what I understand it has a full feature set of tools that make routine tasks simple. It is usually found in many studios that produce feature animations. The biggest hurdle for me is the cost. At $1500 for a yearly subscription, I prefer to stick with Blender.

Blender is a full feature set of tools for developing production quality 3D animations. there is a lot of community support for Blender and many training videos on Youtube. There are some complexities to Blender but nothing you can’t overcome. the best part about Blender is there is no cost. It is completely free and open source.

For sculpting or texturing , drawing tablet is indispensable. Its about both precision and the pressure levels. I use a XP-Pen Deco Pro art tablet both at work and at home for modeling and animation (combined with a 3d mouse).

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thanks for the information. i ve been researching and found the gaming animation industry intriguing.

Is there a path that i need to take to do game animation? Is it different from other forms of animation or is it all the same?

what you think of Pixar in the Box that Naheed Mentioned

Looking forward for your replies :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

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I’m sure that there are specialized skills needed for game animation, but I suspect that you’d start with the same fundamentals. I don’t know anything about “Pixar in a Box”.

Thanks for the information. Sorry for the late reply.
I am surprised that there is a 3d mouse. first time to hear of it.

Thanks a mil :metal: