Whic is better Shopify or Wordpress?

I need your suggestion which one is better for career and scope in the market. Personally, I don’t like WordPress.
Looking your best guidelines.

I would say that Shopify and Wordpress do two different things, so you need to make your choice based on what you need. Shopify is tailor-made for e-commerce sites, while Wordpress is good for blogs, portfolios, and personal sites. Are you trying to create a business site, or a more personal site?


I am learning to do Freelancing so willbe multiple site according to the customer requirements.

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When you say you don’t like WordPress, what is your reason?

You’ll likely need to pick up something equivalent to WP, but you might prefer something like Drupal, or another CMS.

I didn’t enjoy wordpress work it seems like I’m getting bored that’s why I don’t like as much.

Nothing is better with Shopify, 2 different system with pro and cons.I looked and tested Shopify, easy maybe but Word Press is also easy and I dont want pay every month as you say.and 29.99 is just basic.It maybe good for a test but I prefer word press and woo commerce. I use a theme called Flatsome, cost 58us on Envato and you can build amazing stuff with it, its great.There is a lot of videos on You Tube on this theme to teach, its one of the top selling ecom themes. sure other good once and many free also. All the rest I have is all free plugins and they are recommend after you installed the theme so thats what I have and I can do all that Shopify can and more and looks better and its under my control. So I would say go for woo commerce DiscordAdobe Reader itunes


Dear Saba,
I have just been exploring this same question for setting up my startup landing page.
Pros of sopify is that it is already set up for e-commerce, it is secure and also shopify have deals with major search engines to push shopify sites up higher in searches.

The Shopify downside is that it is a fixed template that is hard to adapt to novel website concepts.

I realised that I can’t use shopify for the interactive web portal I am planning for my startup users for interacting and gaming because Shopify can’t be used that way.

Wordpress is a more flexible option and allows you to offer lower costs to your clients. Shopify costs $40 USD per month versus as low as $10 USD per month for wordpress.

If you are looking for someone to help out with good wordpress templates, secure site transactions and search engine optimisation there was an excellent marketing-trained developer in my business training course. She helped me a lot and gave some excellent advice. Happy to pass on her details to you. Maybe you could work together? She works exclusively with wordpress so if you wanted to focus on shopify sites she could produce the wordpress requests. Win win :slight_smile:

Contact me here or on facebook if you want her details. (Facebook Casey Pfluger Australia)



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Many of my colleagues have recommended woo commerce also. That’s what I am going with.

WordPress & Shopify are both different platforms. WordPress is a CMS platform. while Shopify is an eCommerce platform.

Shopify is emerging because people are making their online stores.