Which book should i read? Eloquent javascript 2 nd edition or 3 rd?

Hello everyone,
I wanted an opinion if I should start with the 2 nd edition or I can jump into the 3 rd one.

Why not read the most recent edition if it’s available?

Agreed, I would use the most recent edition. I don’t believe they would leave out information they put in past editions if it was something you needed to know. I would say that’s the purpose of editions, to distill the good stuff and get rid of the bad. So in sense, reading past editions may contain useful info… for the most part, it’s stuff the community decided wasn’t good enough to stay in the material

I thought it might be something like sort of sequel, and reading the 2 nd one would be better in order to try the 3rd one. Thank you for your answers. I guess I ll start with the 3 rd one. I heard about this book and I wanted to give it a try and not rely on video tutorials only.

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In regard to editions, it’s just distilling and bettering the information. If it was something like a sequence like that, it would be in “volumes” or would be in a series. But editions are more like an update instead of a continuance.

But I do highly recommend Eloquence JS. It’s full of useful knowledge