Which certificate is easiest for beginners?

I am qualified to start Western Governors University HIM program now but I am wanting to step out of healthcare as I’ve been a nurse for 7 years and am burnt out. I am wanting to get into their Software Development program but I need on of these certifications to get in. I have no experience with coding yet unless you count Xanga back in the day when we’d build our profiles haha :wink: Out of the certifications listed which one do you think is easiest for beginners? Thanks for your time and info.

those are companies or websites that gives courses
I know a few of them, and for example both coursera and edX have many many courses…so generalizing, impossible to say, as those are not courses.

it’s like asking “what’s the easiest textbook? Springer, or Wiley?”
those are publishers, not specific textbooks

anyway, as you are herem why don’t you try the freeCodeCamp curriculum?


I need specific certifications to get in. I can expand the requirements i just didn’t want to blow up the post with images but I’ll go ahead and do it.

Do you have a link to the site?


none of those seems to be right for beginners.

also check this:

Please speak to an Enrollment Counselor to determine if your certification will also meet the prerequisite for the programs, as not all transferable certifications will meet this requirement.

anyway, probably one of the microbachelors on edX but only if they contain a course about some basics

otherwise, before any of these, I suggest:

It is not part of the list, but it will give you basics that can then be applied whatever of those you choose to do

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I just need to take the easiest course on that list to get accepted into the program and then ill start with beginner info for the degree. I will look into the recommended course. I do have experience building wordpress websites but that’s it. I would rather do the software development program vs. HIM so I just need to get a certification in one of those. In your opinion which is the easiest?

I would agree with what ieahleen said, but I would add that of those course, of the few with which I’m familiar or can glean an idea from their title, I know that the AWS Cloud Practitioner is considered the easiest of their certificates. It takes some work but I don’t think it’s considered difficult.

As as ieahleen said, talk to the counselor. Maybe even talk to someone in the department. They’re there to help you.

None of them are considered beginner courses but I have to complete 1 of them to get into the program since I don’t have 2 years of IT work experience. It’s really the only option unless I do the Health Information Management degree. Thanks for your input, I appreciate your time.

FCC actually publishes a 4 hour video to get you ready for the AWS CCP. You could watch it and get an idea.

I think you were looking under another degree program requirement. I can only do one of the listed courses under the B.S. Software Developer section. You have to scroll down a bit and the degrees are in bold blue letters.

IC, nevermind then.

To be honest, if you don’t have the prerequisites for the program, and you don’t know anything about the alternative certifications, then maybe you’re not ready for the program. But again, talk to the counselors - that’s why they’re there.

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That’s why I was asking opinions of the easiest course. I HAVE spoken to the counselor assigned to me and she stated if I wanted to apply to the program that I would just need to complete one of the listed courses. Its a degree for someone who has had minimal immersion in IT but they want to weed out ppl who aren’t serious by requiring sopme work history or by obtaining a cert.

OK, but again…

If you don’t even understand what the these certifications are, then maybe you’re not ready. I would guess that none of them are “easy”. If it were me, I would want to know as much as I could about those programs to know what I am getting into. If I wanted to find the “easiest”, I would find out how many recommended hours of study are required. Presumably there is one of them that overlaps some of your knowledge. If not, then maybe you’re not ready for that program.

And yeah, I guess the counselor may not want to hear, “What’s the easiest way with the least amount of work for me to get your program?”

give yourself a few months, it will not be easy, it will not be fast

look at the listed courses, look at their syllabus, there is any topic that seems familiar to you? if yes start with that

if not, do an introductory course, and then try again.
you can’t do a course like that without knowing foundations, I know you want to do it as fast as you can, but maybe that means taking a step back, and starting with something that is not in that list

you said yourself you have no previous knowledge. a course that needs to show you are in pair with two year of IT experience is not beginner friendly.
You will need a lot of effort there. And whatever course you choose you will almost surely end needing other resources to understand a lot of stuff.

at this point go with what you think is most interesting.

if that’s what you want, I encourage you to do that. Just be prepared to a lot of work.

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If there are that many companies to choose then maybe it is worth your time to look up a few of them (or all) to get a general sense of what they involve and maybe what interests you the most and then try it out to see if you are up to it and can complete it by the time set out by the schooling that you will be starting.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am currently researching them and think I can get one of them finished.

Do you think it would better to do a full stack bootcamp first to get a better idea of what I’m doing or do the bachelors degree? If I do a 12 week full stack bootcamp do you think it would be enough training to get an entry level developer position? I have looked at a couple and think the in person instruction over 12 weeks would be good for me since I have zero experience.

I have never done a bootcamp, and all that stuff in 12 weeks may be really intense, a bootcamp is not for everyone. Also they may give only practical instructsions and neglect the theory.
Also freecodecamp says 1800 hours for its full-stack certification, can you do 1800 hours in 12 weeks?

all the options I suggested are totally free, a bootcamp may go to really high price. not all bootcamps are equally good, try to look at external reviews for that specific bootcamp. if you want to go for it, do it - but it’s not the easy way out.

the introduction to CS course of above is all about foundamentals, that may be a good one to do if you want to progress fast.