Which companies send coding tests to every job applicant without even looking at the resume?

I can do any sort of algorithm puzzle no problem (except for the last Google foo.bar question; that one took me a few hours) but my background, or rather lack thereof, is so bad that I’ve only landed 2 phone interviews in my life: Google via foo.bar as previously mentioned and Goldman Sachs since they also send a coding test to everyone. My other ~250 job applications have yielded nothing. I’ve also managed to get 4 referrals through networking, but even that just turned into 4 personally worded rejections. I’ve also gone through Triplebyte, and I passed all their interviews with flying colors, but still none of the companies they matched me to bothered with me.

So yeah, what other companies are like Google/Goldman Sachs/Triplebyte and send you a coding test before even looking at your resume? That’s seeming to be my only shot.

first of all , if you didnt know company coding test cost money like $100 per test. Naturally they will have to look at resumes before sending u a code test.

Secondly if you have just been doing coding puzzles without anything to show (github , projects) it dosen’t tell me about your actual skill or your aptitude.

Solving puzzles is just a indication of your problem solving skills , not necessary your ability of whether you know your stuff in building things.

Just my 2 cents if i were to hire someone i rather hire someone who show me they build some things using some of the tech the company use than someone who just pass the coding test. Coding test is just a entry barrier to filter out people.

Agreed. You’re better off working out why you’re not getting an interview and fixing those things.

Post your CV on this forum and ask for feedback. Ask your contacts for honest feedback, about your CV, your application letters, anything else. Look for constructive criticism you can act upon. Read the rejections you got and see if there’s anything in them you can really act on. If you’re applying for jobs through recruiters talk to them about why you’re failing and what you can do over time to improve your chances.

When reviewing CVs two things are really important for me: experience and enthusiasm. Get some experience, eg through open source projects, volunteering, build something yourself in an area you’re interested in. Be enthusiastic about something (hopefully dev-related) and show it - go to meetups, work on something open-source, contribute on Stack Overflow, volunteer, anything that will demonstrate to a potential employer that if they hire you you’re going to work hard and continue to learn and strive to improve.