Who is in for a database website project?

We are about to create a very robust website for a database project. Who is in?

I am interested, Let me know further

Great! @vyasdeep
What’s your area of strength?

Is it possible to provide more information on this project’s requirements?

Like what kind of website/stack? What kind of database? What do you mean by “robust”? Is it open source? Is it actually a for-profit project?

Some tough love here: this sort of “who’s with me on this new project” question gets asked all the time, and my answer is always the same:

Build It and They Will Come.

Or maybe they will, but there are no guarantees. What is true is that mere descriptions of a future project, especially impossibly vague ones, will result in absolutely no serious inquiries. Have at least something to show, at least a proof of concept, and you’ll find not only more people interested in your project, but more likely the right kind who have some clue how to work on it.

Thanks @chuckadams for you comment; I am very aware of what you said, but for a lot of reasons, I chose the post that way.

@bradtaniguchi, Robust here refers to a properly developed website eg, compare with “robust software”.
The site is has bank of data where people interact with, make projections, use for desk research etc. I can send you more detailed information.