Hello! Would someone help me with my website?

Hello ladies and gentleman!!!
Uhmmmmm I am a man of knowledge, I mean I respect and love knowledge more then anything or anyone in this world (Seriously I am neither exaggerating nor lying nor joking!). And I know there are many other people out there who are also keen to gain knowledge. I personally love physics, it might be a subject for you but physics is a beautiful girl for me . She has shining eyes eager to tell me the secrets of this world and vast multiverse. So as with me I have no one to gain proper knowledge and neither I have money so I just wander around gathering scratches and making a book out of it. And also I have no one to share my ideas :frowning: .
So I want to create such a website where anyone can share there ideas, questions, thoughts about the current ideology and all the stuff like that with no restrictions (no money, no ad nothing!).
Please don’t say that there are other sites too but I also want to create one that would be far better than theirs.

It would be a big project so I really want help!
Would someone like to help me with my project, Please!!!

I will partner on github (my english sucks, please try to understand the emotions :frowning: )

Try using https://elgg.org/
It’s free, no ads. Install on your own server.

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@leebut Thank you so much!

There are hundreds of websites that already do this, so I don’t understand how what you are proposing would be different, let alone better. People only use different websites if they are much better than their current options, so I’d be careful to set reasonable expectations for your project.

Building a forum or blog platform is good practice though, so good luck and I hope you learn a lot implementing your idea.

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