Why can't I do the FCC test on my pen?

I started the Product Landing Page challenge, started with the template given that you can test for the user stories, except halfway through I cannot find the little menu on the top lefthand corner that runs the test?

I tried copying the html and css into a fresh template from the FCC challenge instructions, but again it disappears.

What am I doing wrong? is it my code? settings?
Also I started the curriculum 4 days ago, so its not great.

here is the link to my pen

Aparently I cannot put links in here.

At the end of the stories, in the challenge requirements, there is a link which you have to put inside a script tag, in “src”.

Then put that in your HTML code.

His has the script loaded in the JS setup - he doesn’t need to do it in the HTML also.

In the HMTL pane, in the upper right is a pull down menu. Click on that and select “Analyze HTML”. You will find some errors.

I see some duplicate ids - a big no-no. They must be unique. If you need it in more than one place, use a class.

But I think the real issue is the ill formed HTML tags:

  <iframe  id="video" width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OEnKOk4ad0U" </iframe>

The iframe opening tag is lacking a closing bracket, as it the closing div at the end. When I fix those, I get the green hamburger back.

Oh, I see. My bad, I´ve never used the template… :sweat_smile:

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