Why do i need to learn Linux?

Why do i need to learn how to use Linux as a Web Developer?

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  1. Runs on any hardware
  2. Free
  3. Open Source
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You don’t, but a huge amount of things (particularly those with command-line-based UI) that are common in software development are built using tools written to work on unix-based systems (Linux, Mac OSX). And in general, most things on the internet are deployed to and run on Linux-based systems. If you are a Windows user, most everything you’d want has been ported to/will work on Windows, and for those that don’t, Windows provides a Linux subsystem you can run tools on.


Some people make this seem like a big deal, whether they’re peers giving advice or people writing job postings. It’s just…not.

The extent to which you need to “know Linux” is that you should be comfortable using the terminal. It’s pretty common to have to use a Linux server as part of your development process. A printed command cheatsheet and some confidence and you’ll be fine. You are extremely unlikely to be asked to use a Linux desktop environment (though eventually you may want to) and you don’t really have to know how Linux works.

In my years as a developer, I think that the most Linux-y thing I’ve done is hack together some simple Bash scripts to use as aliases because I am lazy. If you practice doing things in the terminal that you would normally use the file explorer for, you’re 100% prepared.


“learn Linux” is bit loaded in my opinion. How much are you supposed to learn?

It’s a good idea to learn some basics on the command line in at least one Linux distro and have a bit of exposure to whatever package manager is used for that distro. For example if you’re learning Ubuntu you should practice using apt-get to install some packages.

If you use MacOS for development you already know most linux commands (some behave slightly different).

There is no requirement to learn Linux to be a web developer but having some exposure to it certainly will make your life easier.

Over time you’ll continue to learn more through natural exposure and may even decide to use Linux as your main dev machine.

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