Why doesn't my code pass the last 3 tests for the Survey Form

From what I can see my form element has checkboxes with values, text-area, and submit button. Am I missing something? I also can’t link my codepen yet cause I’m too new I think.

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What’s your codepen user name

Its ConnieQ :slight_smile:

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Well from looking at your code as best as I can (I’m on a phone) it seems like you have at least one div that starts outside of your form but ends inside of it. If you use the little arrow drop-down menu on the html column and select “tidy html” you might be able to see it a little better than I can.

I just ran a really messy edit that messed up your page a ton, but I confirmed that this is indeed the problem. You need to make sure no any divs you start before your form end after it, and any you start in your form end within it. It’ll take a lot of analyzing the code to keep your page layout working but once you do that, you’ll be able to pass!

Ok I look at it and fix it thank you!