Why doesn't the #help category show up in Latest?

There’s a #help category, but I wonder why posts there don’t show up in the main feed. And I thought that

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The #guide category doesn’t show up either. @QuincyLarson, any idea what is causing this?

@QuincyLarson, the #help category is still not showing up, but more and more people seem to use this category.

This is intentional. We don’t show posts categorized as help or project feedback, because if we did, they would be all you’d see in the newsfeed. There are so many of these, and they aren’t really relevant to a typical visitor - only to a contributor who’s going out of their way to provide help or feedback.

Both of these categories are accessed directly from our https://www.freecodecamp.org/contribute page, and with a special flag that shows unanswered posts in reverse chronological order.

We don’t show updates to the guides in the newsfeed because these are accessed through the “hint” button and updates to these would also be uninteresting to most campers.

By the way, there is an option on the categories called “supress from newsfeed”, and that is how we’re hiding these categories from the newsfeed.


I’m not sure but it shows up in new if that helps.

@anon52159105 It does show up in New, though I usually just go to the category itself.

@QuincyLarson Fair enough. I pointed it out because many threads in #general are help threads anyway.

I just took a look at the frequency of posts in #help and it gets around the same number of new threads per week as #general, and hiding it from the main feed might be for the best.


I created the Help category specifically for when people ask for help on a challenge directly from freecodecamp.org.

For example:


Oh, okay. Now it’s all clear :+1:

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I’m just resurrecting this old thread to point out that, if you want help from the forum, as things stand, you seem to be better off not tagging it with ‘help’. In general, it seems that topics tagged help get fewer views and fewer replies than the ones that end up in ‘all categories’, which is poorly named (it doesn’t include all the categories). I think this is a bit odd and potentially confusing.