Why I like the FreeCodeCamp.org learning Style

What’s great about the Lessons here is they give you just barely enough clues (and sometimes it seems like not even enough clues if you’re new to this like I am) to complete each step, rather than totally spelling it out for you.

Often times they word it like a textbook’s instructions or a word / logic puzzle so you have to figure out what they mean by trying out different things.

And the automated feedback responses give you little clues as to what you did wrong, and what you need to do instead, yet without exactly telling you How to do it, or exactly Where.

In the end, if one Step was very challenging and it took you a while, and you tried a bunch of different approaches, when you actually do get it Right, you really feel a sense of Accomplishment because you stuck it out, used the clues, and sometimes (painstakingly) repeated things that didn’t work, in a different way, knowing what you should type, but not knowing exactly just where, until you that “Eureka” moment hits you when you realized you think you figured it out.

Then, you re-type your next guess (for the x# of times) to your newest solution attempt. You pause an extra second before hitting enter…

And when Its Correct, (and especially if you chose to make it even harder on yourself by not going to the Ask For Help pages in the community questions section, which of course I need to do, a Lot, lol) its like …“Hell Yeah”!!!

The trial and error approach is Brilliant and very Engaging .

I’m currently sampling several different free Boot-camps coding classes out there online and the ones here at FreeCodeCamp.org seems like the best way for me personally, as a person who prefers taking a Self-taught approach to learning.

It feels like you’re interpreting instructions from a book, except with automated instant feedback assistant, and then a community of people to respond to your questions.
I’m getting hooked. And I love the Challenge!

Yes fCC courses give you a sense of accomplishment at every step!

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