Why I suck at coding

I thought coding was fun and jumped in, because i wanted to go to a local coding BootCamp and, so my quest started and it has been a ride, and all i had to learn was HTML,CSS and JavaScript, so i did and unfortunately the BootCamp cancelled on web dev for February intake. So me being me i decided why not continue with FCC front-end. To cut my story short i then got stuck and didn’t know how to approach my problem. This was a start of doubting my abilities of what exactly did i learn don’t i know anything and i watched a video of some YouTuber and he said you need a plan before any project, and funnily enough he was correct, but my question came how do you plan for something you don’t understand how it works? So i went in on the web and search through the web and it turns out that lot of students from Odin and FCC don’t know how to create a website that doesn’t break, So my initial question was why and the answer was most of us don’t know how to think like coders which disadvantages us a lot. So if you are starting out in this course i want you to learn about how to think like a coder and implement coding solution before any project. Thinking is the difference between you an a 10x developer also practise you can’t break anything as practise makes better.


No, you do not suck at coding but the inputs you’re referring to; suck at teaching / explaining properly.

Below worked for me ( after 1+ years of sucking because of same reasons as above )

  1. Learn HTML and CSS ( FCC, YT videos + doing small exercises along the way ). Getting hands dirty every day is most important here

  2. Goto frontend mentor and build HTML & CSS projects ( along with others ). Learning with liked minded, motivated people is most important in coding journey

  3. Repeat above 2 steps for JS & React

  4. Also don’t miss to forget Pomodoro & Flash Cards techniques to avoid getting burnt out and loosing motivation altogether.

Stop blaming yourself, let’s enjoy coding and learning.

All the very best


I get you, that is why I’m busy changing the way i think about code, instead of how to do it , the question becomes ? what does the end user of the code that I’m writing what to do in the website. And if me as end user were to get in the website that I’m building what would i think and how would i interact with it. Another thing is I have been doing lots of local project in my vscode and more and more I’m gaining confidence. Also learning that most languages are similar like java, c and javascript really help me to just focus on one language instead of trying everything and having a plan also is important. Most important is thinking about how to approach the code and planning and executing, and if I’m wrong i will ask for help. So also Thank you for your insight is very valuable as i myself is also 1 year into coding right now.


This is where I am. A morning and early afternoon into this, and already the instructions are so difficult to understand that I feel the same way. Maybe I have been looking at it for too long. Maybe I’m getting old.

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It’s all about practice and coding things that matter to you so that you don’t get bored. Code a one page website about a topic you enjoy and from there everything will fall into place. And try practising one topic a day goes a long way

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My very honest opinion on this subject is that we tend to criticize and compare ourselves a lot, most of the time in a derogatory way, such as: “You’re awful”, look that person is much better than me, and so on. What I’ve learned over the last few days is that, honestly, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to anyone. We are unique, each one of us. Each of us has unique characteristics and strengths/weaknesses, and I’m not kidding about that. So, in general, what I’d like to say is: go slowly, take things in your own time, don’t rush, enjoy the process, learn to forgive yourself, learn from mistakes, improve, I think, in general, life works around this, it won’t always be easy, life isn’t, but it’s a learning process.

more specifically into the topic, always has a way to learn something, maybe it can be through the help of the AI available, books, youtube videos, blogs, expand your resources, i’m sure you will be able to surpass it.


I missed to share this super useful YT video

Do watch multiple times and make notes as well.


Very helpful video been going through it and it’s actually good. Thanks​:100::fire::fire:

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definitely; this video was like “Eureka” moment for me; few years back during my learning phase.