Why is it so hard to finsih Responsive Web Design Project

So for about 20/25 days, I have been stuck at the Responsive Web Desing Project,Im at the Tecnical Docuemtation Page so almost done, but tbh I really don’t want to learn anymore,I understand that maybe my motives have something to do with it,but the whole Select Test Suite has got me really frustrated they just make so many jargin words that I clearly don’t understand and sometimes I try but I still fail,and getting stuck at a problem never helps,I don’t understand the structure,I don’t understand what I’m doing sometimes tbh

If you’d like to post a link to your codepen, I’d be more than happy to help you understand the tests! :slight_smile:

Like @nhcarrigan said, post your codepen url and we can help you out. Oh, and the output from the test suite is terrible, it’s just raw output from the testing software – don’t beat yourself up for not understanding all of it. The test runner could use a little TLC to enhance its output, but volunteers have only so much time on their hands.

Oh,I didn’t know that,i though it was a way of like testing the students and making sure they could solve the problem with complicated code problems,like a test so that they could use their head,so that’s what i was talking like please guys make me easier to understand the tasks,
But i totally understand now that ,its not a comlpcated test,its just the recourses we can use at this point, after writing this post, I got my head together and just started to understand the basics again and kinda made an image in my head of what I’m doing and that helped,

This is my code pen doc(its looks really horrible btw):

Hey thanks buddy here is my code:

It does look horible tho XD

Here we go.
User Story 10: Your error is There should be one .nav-link for every element with the class of "main-section", and every .nav-link should be within #navbar : expected 5 to equal 6. You have 6 elements with class="main-section", and only 5 <a> elements in your <nav-bar>.

User Story 12: The text in your .nav-link elements doesn’t match the text in your <header> elements.

User Story 13: Your .nav-link elements don’t link to the <section> elements. The href attribute should point to the id of the <section>.

User Story 14: Your <nav> element needs to be on the left side of the screen for non-mobile devices.

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I’ve been programming for over 30 years, and that’s pretty much still my process. The definition of “the basics” just changes over time is all.

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Hi there,thanks man it really helped
One last thing ,how do i shift my element to the left side
I know CSS media query and maybe the position is going to be used,but im not sure