Why my completed exercises has been unchecked, and appered like new?

Hello , not sure if it will apply to tech support.
But I have completed 4 tasks so far - and still hasn’t been reflected so far in the list( appeared as it has never been finished). Which I have seen checkmark.
I have asked questions in the forum based on the curriculum .
SO I why it is not showing plus? DO i have to re do it all over again ?

Please help.

there may be a variety of reasons - you have logged in by mistake in the wrong account, or you are not using the “Submit” button, or there are connection error…

but do not worry, challenges are not necessary - to get the certificate you just need to complete the five projects at the end of the curriculum for each certificate


Oh, I see, well i Have thought to get those checkmarks are important and they reflect in the end of course. However, it just sad- it didn’t save it.
Anyways, thanks.