Why NPM has so many deprecated packages?

I use npm heavily, and for some time, Ive been seeing deprecation info when installing new poackages.

My question is as in the topic. Why people behind npm ( Microsoft ) does nothing about it?
In some nimor projects using deprecated package(s) may not be as problematic as it may be with well-established ones…

Whats your take on this?

MS just hosts the package registry, but doesn’t maintain the packages.

Because software is never “finished”, different maintainers work with different paces, so it’s not so easy to keep everything in sync.

There are over a million packages. In all seriousness, what would you like the NPM organisation to do? The packages have been marked by the maintainers as deprecated with a notice of what to do, imo that’s as much as needs be done here. People are still reliant on deprecated packages: if you are an author of a package that in turn depends on deprecated packages, then you need to rewrite your code to upgrade, possibly for no good reason. If you’re an organisation using deprecated packages in your application, then if the application works, you don’t want to be forced to upgrade