Why react dev tools doesn't work for me?


Why react dev tools doesn’t work for me?
I open the inspect element panel and click on the icon but nothing appears!


Did you install react dev tool extension?

Yes and also I can see two icons on chrome!

That’s weird, what error message you got from the extension?

Hello there,

Would you mind expanding on what you mean?

Typically, the React devtools extension is used by:

  • Installing the extension
  • Enabling its access to the current webpage you are on
  • Open devtools
  • Navigate to the Components/Profiler tab


You do need to be on a site which uses React…

This page is using the development build of React. :construction:

Note that the development build is not suitable for production.
Make sure to use the production build before deployment.

Open the developer tools, and “Components” and “Profiler” tabs will appear to the right.

Also I get:
Profiling not supported.

Profiling support requires either a development or production-profiling build of React v16.5+.

Learn more at reactjs.org/link/profiling.

Yes you are right. I see some errors and warning. But on the installation page the debug space is different from this!

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