Why remove is not working in my code

<div class="tab-contents active-tab">
                        <!-----------skills details------->
                        <ul class="skills ">
                            <li><i class="fa-brands fa-html5 " style="color: #ec3022; "></i><br>HTML</li>
var tablinks = document.getElementsByClassName("tab-links");
var tabcontents = document.getElementByClassName("tab-contents");

function opentab(tabname)
    for(let tablink of tablinks){
    for(let tabcontent of tabcontents){


Hello !above is my code I am trying to remove html content its removing (“active-links”) class but tabcontents are not removing can somebody help me to resolve this issue

Hello there

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As for your issue:

Hope this helps


Hello there.

You need to use event listeners to manipulate the dom when using vanilla JavaScript.

var tabLinks = document.getElementsByClassName("tab-links");
var tabContents = document.getElementsByClassName("tab-contents");

tabLinks.forEach((link) => {
     link.addEventListener('click', (event) => {
          foreach(tabLink in tabLink) {

I have no tested this, but you can see how is the implementation.

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thanks for your response .would u tell why we use

I am trying to add it through html tag

<p class="tab-links active-links" onclick=opentab(tabname)>

would you help me in this

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